Now that you have your new firearm, whether it is a shotgun, rifle or pistol, your next step would be to learn how to shoot, and use it safely. Just like anything else, in order to be proficient, you need to practice. We at USArmed are firm believers in taking some type of firearms training to get familiar with your firearm. Even if you have been shooting all your life, it’s still a good idea to learn the fundamentals of a new firearm or increase your knowledge, and abilities, not because we are a training company, but because of all the variables. Let me name a few to see if you are ready.

• Do you know how to properly load, unload, and correct a possible ammo “jam”?
• Do you know what each type of ammo for your firearm is capable of?
• Should you use Hollow Point, Full Metal Jacketed ammo?
• Do you know all the basic rules of shooting no matter where you are?
• Are you effectively able to hit the target in various shooting positions?
• Do you know how to take apart and clean your firearm?
• Do you know all the firearm laws in your state?
• Have you and your family set up an emergency “plan” for your home?
• What should you do in case your gun has a squib?
• Do you even know what a “squib” is?
• How do you handle a “mis-fire”?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself before, and after you purchase a firearm. Many of these questions will eventually be answered here, but for now, let’s just hit the basics.

Many ranges offer classes on basic firearms or basic pistol. These classes are VERY informative if you have a good instructor. A good range and instructor will assist you in purchasing the best firearm for you, offer you classes on shooting your new firearm, explain the best ammo to use, go over all the safety rules, how to clean your new firearm, how to store your firearm safely, go over a few of the most important laws in your state, how to handle an issue while shooting, and other important aspects of being a responsible firearm owner. These classes can cost around $80-$100, and last about 4 hours. They are worth EVERY penny. Most important, please do your own research as well. The information, videos, and knowledge is readily available to any and all. Listen to experienced instructors and shooters, but as always, make up your mind. Do not let someone make your choices for you when it comes to firearms and safety.