This is probably one of the bigger debates. To carry concealed or open carry? Yes, we have every right to carry open provided we have the proper licensing as required by your state or if the state in which you live has constitutional carry. However, is this the smartest way to carry your firearm? Sure there ar times when I have carried “open”, but 99.8% of the time I make sure my firearm is concealed for the most part. The times when I carried open, it was probably 96 degrees outside, and a jacket or vest was not really an option. Others may be like me and have a “winter carry gun”, and a “summer carry gun”. My summer carry is a S&W Bodyguard .380 that fits in my pocket, and my winter carry is a Glock 26 in a Safariland ALS holster.

The important part is (now pay attention. This is VERY important) to actually CARRY your firearm everywhere or at least have it near you everywhere you go if you can. What good is your firearm if it is in the top of the closet, in your glove compartment or at the house when you are at the store? Remember, you do not have the option of having the exact date and time of when you will need your firearm. Sure I understand having your firearm out in the open or where children may be hinders your the ability to have your firearm close by. This is why it is SO important to teach your children and loved ones about firearm safety. If your child sees a firearm out in the open, they should immediately locate an adult in your household or wherever they may be. Children (and some adults) have a fascination with things that go boom, and are dangerous, so, let’s train everyone who you feel needs training, about safety. This will keep them and you safe.