America!!USArmed was formed in 2014 by a group of concerned firearm instructors who saw the need to help new shooters (and there were a bunch) understand that there is more to owning a firearm, than just buying one. Individuals asked friends or family what was the best and most affordable firearm to have for safety. Unfortunately, many individuals purchased firearms they honestly could not handle. That is what we are here for. To help you decide on, learn how to shoot, and how to defend yourself, another individual or a family member.

Once you are up to speed with your firearm, we can help you learn how to protect yourself in other areas of your life like home, work or car.

Even though we are firearms instructors who focus on safety, we also found ourselves talking about things like minor prepping, bug out bags, reloading, natural medicines and food we could find in the woods, various at home food gardening topics, and even some “MacGyver” type solutions. Someone said “it would be cool to have all these topics in one website”. So here it is!! Most of this is still pretty new to us, but we are hoping that others will want to include things that they are also interested in, and hopefully send in some great articles. This will be a “community” effort to educate others on some of the things that interest and also concern us all. We will not be able to post everything. Especially if it is not appropriate. If you have some ideas for articles, please feel free to send it to us. You will get the credit for the article and/or idea.