Welcome To USArmed!!

Welcome to the USArmed website. For quite some time we have been thinking about creating a website that shares some of our wide interests, hobbies, and a few “extras”. Having a wide variety of hobbies and interests, made this a little more complicated than expected, so we decided to start out with just a few “interests” to see how it went, and then add or remove some as we progress. We are hoping as we learn more about, and from each other, that we can share our experiences, knowledge, helpful hints, do’s & don’ts, good & bad, and what worked or did not work.

This website will include articles on firearms, training, prepping, safety, survival, gardening, medical emergencies, natural medicines, reloading, and even some “MacGyver” type projects and tips. There will also be a blog with various subject matter. Just please keep it clean or we will not be able to publish it. I would love to see this website as a “shared” website, where you are the author of content. We can do this, but not without you. If you have an idea, an article, a product review or something you would like us to include in this website, please send it to us, and if appropriate, we will include here.

NOTE: Please keep in mind we are just starting out, so it will take a little time (with your help of course) to get things rolling.